Anglican Church of Burundi

News for June 2015

25 Jun 2015 • EAB PRESS


The current unrest in Burundi began with the incumbent President’s announcement that he intended to run for a third term of office, a re-election bid that his opponents say violates the country’s constitution.

The situation deteriorated after a failed military coup, the death of an opposition leader and the postponement of elections. Protests have particularly affected the capital, Bujumbura where universities and schools have closed. There are restrictions on the media.


The Rt. Rev. Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, UK visited Burundi recently on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishop of Canterbury sent a message expressing his love and concern for the Church of Burundi and its role in the life of the nation and an assurance that the Church of England is standing with Burundi in prayer through difficult days.

During his visit, Bishop Butler met the Archbishop and Bishops of the Anglican Church of Burundi and different partners working with communities and the church in the area of development.

Bishop Paul said that there is a feeling of sadness because Burundi is in a difficult place at this time. He encouraged the Church to pray and to work for peace and unity whenever and wherever it is possible.

He expressed hope that Burundi would once again experience happier days in the future.


The number of refugees seeking sanctuary in Rwanda, DR Congo, Tanzania and Uganda is ever increasing.

A cholera outbreak has already claimed lives among refugees in Tanzania.

Many people are stranded at Burundi’s borders, unable to cross into neighbouring countries due to administrative issues.

Only a few refugees are receiving assistance from aid organisations.

The Province is grateful for the support given by Anglican churches in neighbouring countries who are responding with help for Burundian refugees.


A significant number of people are internally displaced, some seeking refuge with friends or family in other parts of the country.Many fleeing the insecurity and violence are living without food, water, sanitation and health services, clothing and shelter.

Emergency committees have been set up in some parishes to assist as security permits.Each parish committee includes a pastor, a catechist, representatives of women and youth, and a leader from the local administration. Support will be given to the most vulnerable, especially women and children. Youth are also vulnerable following the closure of educational establishments. The Provincial development team is working through local churches to strengthen the capacity of communities to cope with the crisis.

PRAYER REQUESTS – please pray for:

  • Free and fair elections
  • An end to violence and intimidation
  • Improved security
  • Freedom of the media
  • Provision for refugees and the displaced
  • Stability in the Great Lakes region
  • Church leaders, especially the Archbishop and Bishops
  • The witness of Christians in their homes and neighbourhoods
  • Courage and hope for the future