Anglican Church of Burundi

  • Muyinga Ordinations

    28 Sep 2015 • EAB PRESS

    Ordinations took place on Sunday 20th September

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  • News for September 2015

    14 Sep 2015 • EAB PRESS


    The Diocese of Matana regularly organizes a football competition between different groups of young people in the three communes of Matana, Mugamba and Songa. The aim of the competition is to help young people to build unity and work together for peace in their locality.

    Supported by the Diocese, youth leaders in the Diocese have initiated associations through which daily issues and challenges can be discussed with a view to finding solutions and from which activities can emerge and be developed.

    Agnes who heads up CJP, Youth Club for Peace said that they decided to fight against ignorance as it is a major challenge among youth. The CJP organize training sessions and meetings for those in charge of associations. Income generating activities have emerged such as a small soap factory and the breeding of goats, while others are involved in transport.

    Open to all young people in the community the associations keep youth in positive and creative activities and training that build peace and harmony.

    Every year the Diocese of Matana supports a football championship between the associations. This year the association of motor taxi drivers was victorious!


    Sixteen couples in Cibitoke parish, Bujumbura diocese solemnized their marriages and brought their children to baptism. The initiative came from the leaders of the parish in order to encourage Christian marriage.

    The parish helped to sort out the administrative procedures and provided marriage preparation with opportunity for couples to discuss a range of family issues.

    There was great joy and celebration for the families during the two days of ceremonies. Many said that the church had set them free from guilt and enabled them to get their children registered. One woman who had lived with her husband for 30 years said that it was an important achievement for the family because they had tried for so long to have legal marital status.


    Grateful thanks to all friends and partners across the world for the prayers and support given during the hard times that the Church and the country of Burundi have passed through since April. The political crisis is not yet over so please continue to pray

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  • Statement on Burundi

    8 Sep 2015 • EAB PRESS

    The Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council issued a statement on Burundi at its meeting on 3 September 2015 in London.

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  • News for June 2015

    25 Jun 2015 • EAB PRESS

    The crisis in Burundi and a 48 hour visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury's envoy

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  • News for March 2015

    News for March 2015

    29 Mar 2015 • EAB PRESS

    Putting an end to gender based violence and the value of a mosquito net, along with other news

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