Anglican Church of Burundi


25 Jul 2022 • News

The Bishops of the Anglican Province of Burundi have been invited to attend the Lambeth Conference due to be held at Canterbury from 26 July to 08 August. It’s a joy for the Anglican Church of Burundi that all the Bishops have confirmed their participation to this important conference for the whole Communion.

Programme themes will include Mission and Evangelism, Safe Church, Communion, Reconciliation, Environment and Sustainable Development, Christian Unity, Interfaith Relations and Discipleship. The Anglican Province of Burundi which is represented in that conference by Bishops of 9 Dioceses that compose the Province of Burundi, has developed programs and projects aiming to set a sustainable development by addressing issues related to poverty, community health, environment and climate change, disaster response, gender based violence, youth empowerment and peace and reconciliation.

The cyclical crisis that the country has gone through has resulted in multiple challenges that the Church is contributing to particularly in the areas of reconciliation and economic relief.

The Gospel of Christ shared regularly remains the reliable and powerful instrument that the Anglican Church of Burundi still uses to reconcile the hearts damaged by civil wars. Appropriate programs for sustainable development are helping to reduce effects of those conflicts and the complexity of challenges caused by the present situation.

Certainly the Lambeth Conference will be an opportunity for Bishops of the Province of Burundi to learn from others how they are addressing issues in their respective Provinces but also to share the experience of Burundi in order to build the Communion and so work towards fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus.