Anglican Church of Burundi

Investing in Youth

8 Oct 2015 • EAB PRESS

The Diocese of Rumonge hosted a three day workshop on life skills for youth living in the Nyanza-Lac and Rumonge areas.

The workshop was the beginning of a new project supported by UNICEF that targets young people in order to equip them with skills that help them to overcome the many challenges that youth face today.

Fighting against HIV/AIDS and gender based violence, helping to initiate income generating activities, promoting reconciliation in communities, and encouraging hygiene and proper sanitation are some of the important themes that will be focused on.

Nyanza-Lac is the most populated commune in Makamba province with many young people living in difficult circumstances and facing challenges such as poverty, school absenteeism, sexual abuse, early pregnancy, and joblessness.

The Anglican Church hopes to contribute to the project by supporting the leaders in communities who have influence on youth. Youth leaders in churches and associations will be trained on how to help young people in their localities by sharing skills that they can then use to improve their lives.