Anglican Church of Burundi

Assisting people in distress

11 Nov 2015 • EAB PRESS

The Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi has continued to assist people in distress.

In partnership with Christian-Aid, the Province helped people living in Gatumba and Gasenyi in Bujumbura Mairie; Bitare and Mudende in Rumonge Province; and Rangi, Gasaba, Murinda, Mbizi in Nyanza-Lac commune. Many families living in these areas are living in extreme poverty.

Life has changed considerably since the beginning of the crisis in Burundi last April. Hundreds of families and individuals now struggle to survive in and around Bujumbura because of loss of jobs and the discontinuation of income generating activities. Life is made more difficult because of the insecurity in many parts of the capital.

In Bujumbura people received food items and cash to enable those who have lost small businesses to undertake another income generating activity. Most of the families that have been assisted have hosted families from areas where it is unsafe for them to live.

In other parts of the country people received food items. In Nyanza-Lac the beneficiaries included returnees from Tanzania. They had fled the country a few months previously but found it hard to survivein Tanzania.

The Provincial Secretary who officially opened the distribution programme urged people to keep faith even in the difficult circumstances and to show love to everyone especially during the current time of crisis in the country.