Anglican Church of Burundi

Term starts at Bujumbura Christian University

11 Nov 2015 • EAB PRESS

There was great rejoicing at the opening of the Bujumbura Christian University that is now officially recognized by the Burundi Government.

The event was celebrated by the Archbishop and Bishops of the Anglican Church of Burundi as an important event for the Anglican Province.

Bujumbura cathedral was kindly offered to the University for a Service of dedication, prayer and praise.

Sixteen students were happy to be able to start the term despite the problem of high rent prices for accommodation in Bujumbura and the uncertain political situation.

The university has a great range of students. Some are self-financing. Some have gained the record high marks of 84% and 70% at the National Diploma tests on leaving secondary school. Others only received minimum marks to qualify to enter a Burundian university. Three already have Bachelor’s degrees. Some students are supported by dioceses as their training is with a view to ordination. Not all the students are Anglican.

Generous people from England have personally sponsored some individual students for which the university is very grateful. No organization is as yet sponsoring the university. Please pray for that to happen soon.