Anglican Church of Burundi

EAB PRESS for October

5 Oct 2016 • EAB PRESS


At the celebrations for the 140th anniversary of the founding of Mothers’ Union the Archbishop of Canterbury said, “The Mothers’ Union campaigns excellently, it nurtures wonderfully, but above all and beneath all, it prays – thank God.”

Mothers’ Union in Burundi is playing its part and making a difference to the lives of many through its activities.

Economic hardship has increased for many families since last year as parents have lost their jobs and business has stopped especially in Bujumbura where the current crisis has had most impact. Many parents are struggling to finance the education of their children. As well as that, with the start of a new school year there have been challenges for students as the education system is changing.

The Mothers’ Union judged the situation to be critical for many families. “This situation needs emergency intervention,” said the MU Provincial Coordinator, Mrs. Claudette Kigeme.

In collaboration with the Mothers’ Union department in Bujumbura diocese the Provincial office has provided school kits to hundreds of children from the most vulnerable families in the most affected communities. This was also an opportunity to support mothers who have made a commitment to educate their children after taking part in a parenting training programme. This programme has recently been introduced by Mothers’ Union.

Distributing school materials

In Makamba diocese the savings and credit programme within communities is having a positive impact. Several groups have been created and are now operational. Group members report that the programme has considerably improved their lives as income generating activities help them to provide for the needs of their families such as health care, payment of school fees and provision of school materials.


The Province of the Anglican Church Burundi has recently begun a partnership with AGROBIOTEC, a local institute of research into banana crops. The aim is to introduce a new variety of banana in order to improve crop production and ensure that farmers get harvests.

AGROBIOTEC’s work has been important since the old variety of banana planted by farmers has been attacked by disease KBMV. As well as research into banana production AGROBIOTEC also provides training for farmers into the care and maintenance of the seeds.

New varieties of banana

The Provincial Development office has identified farmers from different parts of the country for training. After training, and in collaboration with Christian Aid, banana seeds circles are being established. As Leonidas Niyongabo, the Provincial Development coordinator explained those seed circles will encourage people to share seeds with their neighbours to ensure seed multiplication and spread information about the benefits of planting the new variety.

At the end of last month, the Province and AGROBIOTEC organized an intensive training workshop for banana farmers of the new variety in order to equip them with skills of planting and maintaining banana crops. At the end of the training Archbishop Martin Blaise Nyaboho delivered certificates to those farmers who will be assisting communities with the new variety.

Farmers receive certificates

In this agricultural season the Province is also distributing maize seeds and trees to the population in other to ensure food security in communities.

Working with ISABU (Burundi Agronomic Sciences Institute) the Province is introducing pre-basic seeds of varieties that resist diseases and are especially productive. With those seeds the farmers are committed to spread the variety in their community after the harvest.

The administrative authorities are thankful to the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi for such initiatives that support the people of Burundi and usually have representatives attending social or economic activities organized by the Church.

In an audience that the President of the Republic of Burundi had recently with the new Archbishop, the Most Rev. Martin Blaise Nyaboho, President Pierre Nkurunziza expressed his gratitude towards the Anglican Church on behalf of the Government for the role that it is playing in the development of the country.


The Archbishop, the Most Rev. Martin Blaise Nyaboho and the Provincial Secretary have joined more than 100 Anglicans from 20 provinces in Cairo, Egypt for the sixth conference of the Anglican Global South.

The agenda includes discussions on the importance of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, poverty, illegal immigration, religious violence, and disagreements over human sexuality. The meeting will run from the 3rd – 8th October.