Anglican Church of Burundi

EAB PRESS for April

15 Apr 2017 • EAB PRESS


Delegations of Mothers’ Union attended a UN conference on the status of women. During a session of the UNCSW held last month in New York the discussions focused on women’s empowerment and more involvement in peacebuilding. Particular attention was given to the promotion of equality and better access to education for women.

Mathilde Nkwirikiye who was Mothers’ Union President in the Province of Burundi for eleven years said in that conference that empowerment of women starts in the family. “If a father and mother look at their sons and daughters equally that is the beginning,” she said.

The UN General Secretary said that women’s rights are human rights. He promised that he and the UN would support women every step of the way to effective empowerment.

Mothers’ Union Burundi has initiated a micro-credit programme to enable women to seek for more financial stability in the family. Through that programme women have experienced that they can achieve a lot in terms of economic development as they make a contribution to the reduction of poverty in their families.

A lot still has to be done because Mothers’ Union is working with a limited number of women due to insufficient funds to grant credit to the many more women who need it.


The Most Rt. Rev Bernard Ntahoturi, the former Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi has been appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to a joint post as his representative to the Holy See and the Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome.

The news caused great joy to the Anglican Church of Burundi. Priests and lay people presented their congratulations to their former leader who served faithfully over the Anglican Church of Burundi for many years. They wish God’s blessings upon him and his family as he takes over the new responsibility in September.


In collaboration with UNICEF the Church has organised training sessions and a community mobilization campaign to fight against cholera in Cibitoke Province in the north-west of Burundi.

The training sessions focused on promoting hygiene and sanitation and formed part of an emergency response to the epidemic disease that often affects the two communes of Buganda and Rugombo in particular.

The Anglican Church of Burundi decided to contribute in that way with the conviction that once people are trained and equipped with information on how to promote hygiene and sanitation that would help to break the cycle of cholera in that part of the country.


As we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus the Province wishes you a happy Easter.