Anglican Church of Burundi

EAB PRESS for June

16 Jun 2017 • EAB PRESS


In August the new dioceses of Rutana and Buhiga will be inaugurated and four new Bishops, recently elected by the House of Bishops will be consecrated.

The Rev. Canon Pontien Ribakare will become the Bishop of Rutana and the Rev. Evariste Nijimbere will become the Bishop of Buhiga. Buhiga was one of the first mission stations created by missionaries in 1935 when Rwanda Mission (now CMS) began work in Burundi.

The Rev. Canon Seth Ndayirukiye has been elected Bishop of Matana to succeed the Most Rev. Bernard Ntahoturi who has been appointed Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s new representative to the Holy See. The Rev. Aimé Joseph Kimararungu has been elected as Bishop Coadjutor of Gitega Diocese to succeed the Rt. Rev. John Nduwayo when he retires next year.

Details of the consecrations, installations and inaugurations of the new dioceses can be found on the Facebook page.


Eighty old people in Cibitoke, Bujumbura Diocese have received assistance from Mothers’ Union. They were identified in the community of Cibitoke commune as people who were vulnerable and in need of support. Food items were among the assistance given because all of them live with limited and reduced resources.

Following the crisis that broke out two years ago the locality of Cibitoke was particularly affected. Many people lost their income generating activities while others fled. Many amongst those who Mothers’ Union helped used to be looked after by members of their family but found themselves without that support when family members fled.

The President of Mothers’ Union for Bujumbura Diocese and the Provincial Mothers’ Union Coordinator who distributed the aid said that they wanted to tell people living in difficult circumstances that they are not alone; that God knows everything and is able to use anyone to help those in need.

The Vicar of Cibitoke parish thanked the Mothers’ Union and its partners for their support. He said that even though the situation is such that many people are living in extreme poverty the Church is sowing seeds of hope.

Other vulnerable families in parishes around Bujumbura have also been assisted with food items and school materials for children.

The Mothers’ Union is also helping children suffering with severe malnutrition in Buterere where 66 children get weekly food assistance. 37 of them have already recovered.


Eight pastors and twenty-eight deacons have been ordained to serve parishes in Bujumbura Diocese. The service, at which fifteen people became Canons, was held at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Bujumbura in the presence of Bishops of the Province, delegates from other dioceses and representatives of parishes.

The newly ordained were reminded of the importance and role of bishops, clergy and laity within the Church and urged to be focused on their call as servants of God’s people; a demanding task for which God provides strength and wisdom.


With the support of Trinity Church, Wall Street construction work is progressing on the new campus buildings in the compound of Faith Centre next to the Provincial Office.

At present year 1 and 2 students in the Faculty of Pastoral Theology study at the Rohero campus in the centre of Bujumbura.

The university is grateful to a number of visiting lecturers who have given their time and expertise to help the students and also to Wendy Fry, working with CMS, who has helped with setting up the University’s financial system.