Anglican Church of Burundi


18 Dec 2018 • News

Giheta is one of the most populated communes in Gitega Province and its population depends mainly on agriculture. The majority of its ever increasing population is between 0-15 years.

The main challenges are the insufficiency of agricultural land along with low productivity. With the support of the Diocese of Gitega through Mothers’ Union programmes many families are discovering solutions to the challenges and positive changes have already been made.

The starting point was the literacy circles initiated by Mothers’ Union to fight against ignorance and illiteracy among adults. Women and men were integrated in those circles and received training. In addition other circles were set up to enable people to generate incomes from small projects.

The introduction of the savings and credit programme is now enabling families to meet basic needs and ensure education for their children. With loans received through the savings and credit groups some people are using them to improve agriculture while others have invested in small businesses. The community is seeing the progress made by beneficiaries of the programmes.

“I have been trained in literacy and now belong to a savings group. This is my 6th year and I have benefited a lot from the programme. I got credit that I used to rent lands where I grow various crops. With the money I earned I bought goats so that I can have manure to fertilize my lands. I have also bought a bicycle for my grandson to provide him with transport because he studies far from our home,” said an elderly lady in Giheta.

The facilitators of the circles are pleased with the impact that the programme is making but are constantly challenged by the large numbers of people wanting to be involved.