Anglican Church of Burundi

News update

4 Oct 2019 • EAB PRESS


Burundi is a country where youth constitute a major part of the population. They face many challenges. Some young people, for example face the challenge of lack of employment which increases their vulnerability to different sorts of manipulation.

As the society remains fragile the Anglican Church of Burundi along with others is helping to address some social issues among them peace building and reconciliation.

15,000 young people are being trained to act as pair-educators in their communities. The trainings focus on identifying the potential that young people have and how they can use it to promote peace and reconciliation.

By initiating common activities young people create a platform where they discuss social matters that are relevant to the community and seek together to discover appropriate ways they can contribute to solving problems.

Burundi is approaching elections that are due to take place in 2020. Experience from past periods of election in Burundi has shown that youth have had an important role to play but have also been prone to becoming victims of manipulation.

The contribution from the Church is now to help young people through capacity building in social cohesion and peace building so that they are enabled to act as peace makers in their respective communities.


The Diocese of Buhiga recently celebrated its second anniversary and the local Christians shared their joy with friends from across the different dioceses of the Anglican Province of Burundi.

Buhiga is one of three mission stations established in the 1930s and has served the community throughout the decades in evangelism, education and health.

Today the Church is engaged in holistic development that focuses on the promotion of community health, food security, protection of the environment, the fight against gender based violence and a commitment to peace building and reconciliation.

As part of the celebrations, 10 deacons and one pastor were ordained. They will help the growing Church in Karusi Province in its mission and evangelism. 

The Archbishop of Burundi urged those newly ordained to focus on Jesus who enables those He calls to accomplish his will. The representatives of the local administration expressed their gratitude towards the church for its contribution to the well being of the population.