Anglican Church of Burundi


8 Jun 2020 • News

The Anglican Dioceses of Makamba and Rumonge have joined other initiatives seeking to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the communities they serve. Through the Humanitarian Partnership Project supported by Christian Aid Burundi, the project is supporting mainly vulnerable people including orphans, returnees, the elderly, widows, and people living with disabilities.

Recently around 320 vulnerable people have been assisted with COVID-19 kits to use in their households and meeting places.

People are still able to attend public meetings such as church services and ordinary community meetings. The project has supported around 130 churches and other facilities such as health centres and schools operating in the provinces of Makamba and Rumonge with hygiene kits to be used when people gather.

The Church is urging people to follow instructions indicated by the Ministry of Public Health concerning Covid-19 prevention and commit to stop its spread. Regular hand washing using clean water and soap or hand sanitiser and respecting social distancing are measures people have adopted.

Since in some contexts social distancing remains a challenge, some churches have redesigned their programmes. Two or three services on a Sunday have enabled worship that respects social distancing and keeps congregations safe.

Initiatives to support people across the country are being supported and encouraged by the Church as resources are available.