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MU sharing experience

8 May 2021 • News


Mothers’ Union through the Provincial Coordinator was recently able to facilitate a training of trainers for the Literacy and Financial Education Programme held in Ethiopia.

The Literacy and Financial Education Programme has enabled thousands of women and men to acquire skills in literacy, numeracy, business and finance. Through its circles participants have been able to set up income generating projects that have impacted not just the participants themselves but also their families and communities. The programme has been like a small seed capable of bringing life and much fruit.

Describing the programme on their website,, Mothers’ Union write,

Beginning in 2000 our Literacy and Financial Education Programme (LFEP) was designed to give a holistic approach to empowering some of the most marginalised communities in the world whilst meeting the Millennium Development Goals. The programme uses participatory methods to enable communities to acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills whilst discussing and planning action on their daily issues and challenges.

In Burundi and Sudan/South Sudan Mothers' Union members have brought literacy learning to over 20,000 women and men in just over a decade. Thanks to generous funding from Comic Relief and a strong working relationship with Five Talents, our LFEP groups are stabilising family and community life.”

Speaking of the privilege of sharing the programme’s potential with other parts of the world Mrs. Claudette Kigeme, the Provincial Coordinator said: “It’s an honour for Mothers’ Union Burundi to share our experience with our fellow Mothers’ Union members across the world particularly in Africa because we go through similar challenges as women and families and we believe that the needs are common for all of our members. The lack of some skills and the need for empowerment is still the main motivation for our actions and the results we see throughout Mothers’ Union give us strength and happiness to share what we have".