Anglican Church of Burundi

Online teaching and learning

15 May 2021 • News


Bujumbura Christian University organised a two days conference to discuss the adaptation of lecturing and learning in the context of Covid-19. The conference gathered together lecturers and students and was an occasion to share the opportunities for maintaining academic progress and excellence.

Bujumbura Christian University has lecturers from different countries that have not been able to visit to lecture during the pandemic due to restrictions of movement.

Online learning using modern information and communication technologies required immediate consideration when Covid-19 started to cause disruption to studies.

The Rev. Dr. Pascal Bigirimana, Vice-Chancellor of BCU stressed that the current situation is forcing academic institutions to change or adapt the classical classroom methods for virtual ones. This will obviously raise challenges in terms of technical skills and other requirements.

BCU is rethinking education in the age of technology and has made some steps forward in collaboration with Christliche Fachkräfte International (CFI) from Germany. BCU has taken the lead in introducing a Student Information and University Management System which is an online system of daily university tasks management. In addition the University has adopted an online Library Management System to facilitate student with multiple resources.

This conference was challenging to students and lecturers alike as they looked at the need for change and adaptation.

The Vice-Chancellor of BCU thanked the Love Burundi Association for having supported the conference and for initiatives from different partners that are helping to shape the future of this young academic institution.