Anglican Church of Burundi

Parish ministry is central to the work of the Church

Sharing God's love in the local community

Pastors and catechists, supported by lay leaders, have responsiblity for the development of parish life; for preaching and teaching, prayer and Bible study, work with the community especially children and youth, bringing people to baptism and confirmation, and encouraging maturity in the Christian faith.

The life of every parish is strengthened by Mother’s Union as members provide help and pastoral care for people especially in times of need and difficulty; visiting the sick and comforting the bereaved.

Choirs not only contribute to worship but also provide opportunity for prayer, study and discussion.

Many parishes have been involved in re-building their churches following crises in the country or natural disasters.

Church growth has led to the addition of sub-parishes and has been a challenge in terms of buildings, staffing and resources.

Parishes seek to engage with the local community and play a vital role in helping to address a wide range of issues, particularly in the area of development. They are supported by activities initiated and coordinated at diocesan and Provincial level.